The design is responsive to the conditions of the site. Its semi-suburban, semi-rural location called for a response which complimented the surrounding context, in this case predominantly rolling hills and bush landscape.

The site is orientated east-west, with the frontage starting at the top of the site in the east, and falling away consistently to the bottom of the site in the west. The design follows basic principles of passive solar design; living spaces were positioned to the northern side of the allotment, sleeping areas were positioned to the south side of the boundary, however they still maintain a northern aspect into the back yard.

The garage is positioned close to the front of the site, and presents an inoffensive single storey facade to the cul-de-sac. A double height spaced atrium links the living and sleeping quarters together, and provides vertical stack ventilation through operable windows which are placed comfortably above the garage roof.

The massing of the dwelling is contained well into the site, offering opportunities that frame and connect the inhabitants with the surrounding environs. As the dwelling was one of the first built in the local neighbourhood, the opportunity for it to become a contextual precedent presented itself. As surrounding developments materialised it became evident that the new layer of semi-suburban, semi-rural development is very diverse.

Bunyip Court

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