Of Diverse Research (ODR) is a development of its original company Of Diverse Residue. It seeks to derive a range of architectural responses to each project in a specific manner. ODR Architects was established by John Mercuri and Steven Mckellar in 2004 after gaining a combined experience of more than a decade with larger architectural practices. Each partner had achieved a high level of skill working on a diversity of projects in all facets of architectural work in both the public and private sector. Each partner has spent time at the University of Melbourne teaching in design, and contemporary theory, and are regular invited guest critics and contributors to architectural events, including publications, journals, and seminars.

The practice has developed into a strong design orientated firm.

You will find ODR to be a committed and talented architectural company, with a demonstrated track record for the delivery of high quality architectural services.

ODR’s investigations into architecture are concerned with the conditions of the social, political, cultural and environmental and how these ideologies may affect any architectural outcome. This thread and hope stems from a desire within a project for there to exist some relevance outside of a pure formal tectonic response.

ODR Architects
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